Sunflower Kernels Confectionery

Sunflower Kernels Confectionery

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Confectionery kernels are produced from lower in fat sunflower seeds and are larger than Bakery grade. They are delicious and nutritious snack or addition to food. Count max 500 + 50 pcs/ ounce.

Subject of Specification
Product name: Sunflower kernels
Sort: Confectionery type
Count max: 500 + 50 pcs/ ounce
Origin: Bulgaria


Product features
Color: grey- white, long- circle kernels
Smell and taste: fresh, nutty, not bitter
Consistence: firm, not bitter
Quality: purity- 99,97 % minimum
  free from stones, glass, wood, hairs and plastic


Physical Features
Impurities / plant based / : 0,05 %
Foreign matter: Max 0,1 %
Moisture: Max 8,0 %
Broken ( less than 1/2 kernel ) : Max 4,0 %
Insect damage: Max 2 %
Shelled, partially peeled: Max 0,5 %
Count max: 500 + 50 pcs/ ounce


Optimal Storage conditions
Maximum temperature: 20`C
Maximum humidity: 70 %


Non- GMO and No Allergens
The sunflower kernels are Non- GMO.
The sunflower kernels do not contain allergens.
Private packing and private labeling are available for this product, for more information please contact us