Golden Sella/Parboiled Rice

Golden Sella/Parboiled Rice

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Offering Premium quality pure Golden Sella (Parboiled) Basmati rice with most authentic Indian flavor and natural aroma free from any mixing/adulteration.


Origin: India,
Moisture: 13% max.
Broken 1% (maximum) on the basis of 2/3
Foreign Matter: 0.25% (maximum)
Goldenness: 38-40 KETT
Paddy Grains: Nil
Red Streak: Nil
Moisture: 13.0% (maximum)
Color: dark Golden,
Grain: Long, thin and slender


Poly pack, PP bag, jute bag, cotton bag, paper bag and non- woven fabric bag in various sizes like 50 kg, 45 kg, 40 kg, 39 kg, 25 kg, 20 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg.

Private packing and private labeling are available for this product, for more information please contact us