Pusa Basmati Rice Steam

Pusa Basmati Rice Steam

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Pusa Steamed Basmati Rice shows better results than fresh Basmati Rice in terms of aroma, length and flavour due to the processing technology. To process steamed rice, steam treatment is given to paddy where Paddy is first steamed and later dried. This process of Pusa Steamed Rice is maintaining the basmati rice tendency of showing better results once stored for 8-12 months time.

  • Specification

Quality - 100% pure Sortex clean Basmati Rice

Length - 7 MM to 7.30 MM

Moisture - 13.00% Max

Broken - 2.00% Max

Damage/Discolor - 1.00%

  • Packing Bags

40, 25, 20, 10, 5, 1 Kg Jute bag / Non woven bag / PP bag / Poly bag / BOPP bag

  • Load-ability 

19 - 26 MT in a 20 Ft Container

Private packing and private labeling are available for this product, for more information please contact us