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Broad Bean Fryer Machine

Offer Type: Selling

Country: China China

Category : Food Processing

Keywrods : broad bean fryer machine,broad bean frying machine,bean fryer machine,broad bean

Quantity : 1 set

Packaging : Wooden Packing as Export Standard

Price : Can be negotiated

Post Date: 08-Feb-2017

Status: Active

This broad bean fryer machine is widely used in food snack frying process factory, restaurant, hotel, etc. It applies to fry pellet chips, potato chips, banana chips, meat pie, chicken drumstick, chicken cutlet, fish cutlet, fish, shrimp French fries, peanut, vegetables, etc. ※ Adopts the newest and advanced technology, it can saving 50% energy, 40% oil and gas than common fryer. ※ Adopts water-oil separator which can keep the oil clean and continuous working. The oil and water temperature can be controlled automatically ※ Can fry all kinds of foods without the Taint of odor. No oil smoke, this can ensure the health of the operator.

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