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Continuous Peanut Frying Machine

Offer Type: Selling

Country: China China

Category : Food Processing

Keywrods : peanut frying machine,peanut fryer,peanut fryer machine,continuous peanut fryer machine

Quantity : 1 set

Packaging : Wooden Packing as Export Standard

Price : Can be negotiated

Post Date: 08-Feb-2017

Status: Active

Green peas frying machine equipment is suitable for certain types of meat, fish, pasta, vegetables and other products processing, this frying equipment uses electricity as raw material, design and manufacture according to the principle of thermodynamics and the requirements for food. Applicable to different specifications of products, frying time, temperature and oil level, scraping residue realize full automation, Fried process is simple, safe, clean, easy maintenance, save fuel consumption, save energy.

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