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Apple vodka Calvile

Apple vodka Calvile

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Product Description

The original drink «CALVILE» embodies the natural wealth of fresh apples and crystal clear drinking water extracted from deep artesian well 290 meters further processed black silicon. Drink, 40% alcohol, 0.5 liter, made from high quality natural apple distillate by double distillation (hauls) of apple wine material, which, in turn, is the result of fermentation of apple juice. The taste is harmonious, full-bodied, with characteristic hints of apple and long aftertaste. It has a delicate fruity aroma with notes of fresh apples. The drink is an excellent aperitif and digestif, and also goes well with fruit, dessert and for the preparation of various cocktails.

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Eurounico Shanghai Ltd.

Country:   China   China
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Contact :   China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone, Huashen Road. 218-1-5-501
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