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Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

Automatic Potato Chips Production Line

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Automatic Potato Chips Production Line This exclusive potato chips line is specially designed for the production and packaging of potato chips of excellent quality and less fat pickup. The whole process is based on technology accepted world-wide, modifications are incorporated to meet local conditions. We provide turn-key project execution along with complete technical support and free training. This fully automatic potato chips production line is of low investment and profitable. The processing capacity are 60kg/h, 150kg/h and 300kg/h, we can also customize special plants based on your requirements. Potato Chips Machine Application The line is specially designed for production of Potato chips of different qualities - Potato sticks, French Fries,Potato crisps, Cassava chips,Banana chips. Our potato chips production line includes a whole set of equipment. The processing flowchart is as follows: Hoisting feeding--Potato washing and peeling----potato picking trimming----fresh potato cutting----potato sticks/slices rinsing --potato sticks/slices blanching ---potato slices dewatering----potato chips frying----potato crisps de-oiling---potato chips flavoring--conveying—frech fries packing. 1. An elevator is used for transmitting large quantity of potatoes into the feeder. 2. The potato cleaning and peeling machine integrates the function of washing and peeling, it can be used for processing potatoes, carrots, cassava and other root vegetables. 3. The potato slices rinsing machine is used for blanching products of slices, strips, cubes of any root vegetables like potatoes, carrots etc. Uniform heat transfer and controlled temperature & time. The main purpose for blanching is to ensure a potato chips a bright colour and crispy. 4. Dewatering is prepared for the frying part. The dewatered potato strips are low in moisture and easy to fry. Our potato chips dewatering machine adopts the centrifugal principle, through the fast rotating barrel to remove the chips surface water. 5. Frying is an important step. The edible oil temperature should be around180℃; when the potato chips become golden and soft, they should be fished out. The automatic potato chips frying machine adopts indirect oil heating and less oil in the system for good oil quality and better oil management. 6. The potato chips de-oiling is next step. De-oiling will make the fried food crispier and more palatable. 7. The following is flavoring. Customers can season diversified flavors totally according to their own intentions. 8. The last step is to pack potato chips with vaccum packing machine.

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