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Be Aware of foodsfortrsde.com

Be Aware of foodsfortrsde.com

I am very happy to announce that our entirely food industry focused b2b website is ready to serve you after major improvements.

FoodsForTrade.com has been established in 2001 and since that time we have served 1000s of companies around the globe to reach their dreams. Starting from day one; we have incredible amount of positive feedback with increasing number of loyal users and partners joining portal every day.  Now with our new top level domain name FoodsTrade.com. It is equipped with high advanced online trading tools that will make you more successful. We have rebuilt our website to be user friendly by changing the domain name to Foodstrade.com with self serve account management tools.

Our mission is to serve the foods industry and make foods trade faster and safer for everyone. We want to inform everyone to visit their accounts and do necessary changes, If you want to reset your password or don't know user name or have questions and suggestions please contact us. By only having free account With Foodstrade.com you will have a lot of benefits for your company such as;  

- The simple, fast and affordable way to trade

- Experience step by step user friendly tools

- Create Company and User Profiles

- Connect with 50,000 of buyers and sellers

- Submit Products, Leads, Trade Shows, News and Much More

- Send e-mails to our company profiles and trade leads.

- Increase exposure to your company and products.

- Own you free mini company website.  Join Now see more yourself!

On 24-Oct-2012

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Naveed Ramzan

I really like it.

-1592.95833333Days ago